Horizon Nail Tools

Designed with market appeal and long-lasting use in mind, our wide selection of personalized nail tools are manufactured to provide precise nail cleaning and trimming.

We Bring One-Stop Nail Tool Solutions

Horizon nail tools are made from top-grade materials and are designed with ergonomic features for convenient nail grooming.

Providing one-stop solutions since 2001, our factory handles complete in-house production of nail tools and manicure and pedicure kits. We reduce our labor costs and maximize accuracy and productivity through our advanced machinery to deliver nail tools at affordable prices.

Manicure Sets & Pedicure Sets

Choose Horizon for our diverse manicure and pedicure sets equipped with every tool needed for cleaning and shaping nails. Along with varied tie-in products, we can customize our nail kits to express your vision and meet market preferences.

Nail Tool Products


Nail File

Made with quality emery boards, our nail files provide fast cleaning action that is smooth on the skin and help shape nails neatly.


Nail Clipper

For quick nail cutting, choose our clippers made from durable and sharp stainless steel that feels soft to the touch.


Nail Brush

Horizon nail brushes come in different designs and have ergonomic handles to help end-users clean edges safely.

Fully Custom Nail Tools by Horizon

Our high-quality nail tools are made with stainless steel and plastic materials that are processed in our production lines. Components are inspected to ensure they perform well under any condition.

We offer various bespoke designs customized to express your brand’s ability to serve different markets. If you have sales concerns, our staff will quickly respond to solve them.

Leading Manufacturer of Nail Tools

With 20 years of industry experience, Horizon captures your vision with ergonomic designs for our nail tools and packaging.

A trusted supply chain provides consistent quality materials that we process to ensure stable production. Our detailed craftsmanship is applied to ensure our tools deliver accurate shaping and cleaning.

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